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At Unigen, we see things differently
Proprietary Market Ready Ingredients:
Unigen has available unique, fully researched, market ready botanical ingredient that address a verity of common indications. These products include compounds that protect against UVB radiation, stimulates immune response, have anti-inflammatory properties, promote wound healing, and have anti-aging properties. The effectiveness of each is well documented. And each is prepared for final formulation.

Proprietary Technology:
The processes at Unigen are centered on cutting-edge technologies. These technologies allow us to be globally comprehensive, to probe deeper and see clearer, to test and retest, to ensure certainly in the final conclusions we deliver.
A fully indexed research resource PhytoLogix allows us to quickly search through tens of thousands of ethnomedicinal plants categorized by their traditional and historic uses.
PhytoLogix™ is one of the World's largest information sources for predictive discovery of ethnomedicinal plants.
The discovery group designs assays to test all the functions of a plant for a bioactivity. Once an active compound is detected and isolated additional assays are created for further testing.
Testing :
The typical regimen includes biochemical, genomic and cell assays. Utilizing the breakthrough studies of DNA replication, RNA transcription, and RNA translation, we can better understand the nature of the substance through gene expression. We also use a proteomics approach that allows us to investigate the basic proteins generated by DNA.
Clinical Trials :
The clinical trails - Once a compound is determined to be safe and effective in the laboratory, we test to see the results within living, breathing human begins, Unigen designs and overseas the proper execution and parameters of the studies as well as the metrics to judge success.
Facilities :
World wide farming & cultivation facilities.
High - throughout screening lab.
Cell culture lab.
Biochemistry lab.
Analytical chemistry lab.
Organic chemistry lab.
Natural products lab.
Large-scale manufacturing facility.

Science for a Better World :
At Unigen Pharmaceuticals, we do see things differently. We see a World on the brink of discovery. A World poised to offer up eon-old secrets for the benefits of man. A World full of people ready for these miraculous compounds to be made available to them.
Product Line :
Product Details
Uses & Applications
UNIRESPIN™ Respiratory Health.
ALOEWHITE™ Skin Lightener.
IMMUNO-10™ Anti Aging.
Healthy Liver.
PERVARIN™ Anti Oxidant.